+510 473 6182 cathyspicersitzes@gmail.com Richmond, CA


Who is


Cathy is a web and video geek specializing in custom, creative, gluten-free, sustainable, organic and locally grown websites & video work for clients of all blood types. Cathy is poised for maximum efficiency within a broad range of strategic and big-picture tasks.

Curious to learn more? Weird, but okay...

Cathy is curious, too! She wants to learn all the things and has been that way since a tiny tot. From learning to build her own computers to teaching herself web design, coding, film, audio—every project is seen as an opportunity to soak up something new. Her interests revolve around creating layouts, processes, copy and media that is approachable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing and on-brand.

Cathy has worked in a variety of professional environments—from Dreamworks Animation, Google, UC Berkeley and AAO to small scale non-profits centered around social justice work.

In her free time, Cathy can be found ten to twenty-minutes early to everything (yes, she is that person), contemplating the pros/cons of owning a goat, listening to far too many podcasts, tossing out inane film short ideas to anyone within earshot and occasionally trying to write things.