Synergy Airwaves

Co-Host, Co-Producer
With fellow activists, educators, cooperators, artists, and all those searching for a better way – hosts, MD Spicer-Sitzes and Cathy Spicer-Sitzes share stories of what it means to exist and resist in this current moment. The podcast includes interviews and stories of the diverse ways individuals and organizations are building solutions and affecting greater social change.

Flip Out Radio

Co-Host, Co-Producer
Created and hosted by Cathy Spicer-Sitzes and Therese Garcia, Flip Out Radio is an audio experiment where the hosts ramble on about relationships, sex and life in general. They claim to be experts on none of these topics, but masters at finding the humor and heart in most everything.

Logo for History Blackout podcast

History Blackout - coming soon!

Host, Producer
History Blackout is a narrative style documentary podcast covering the Philippine-American War, a bloody conflict that lasted three years, from 1899-1902 and resulted in an estimated 20,000 dead Filipino soldiers and 200,000 - 250,000 dead Filipino civilians. 4,200 American soldiers were killed - a number just under that of the US losses during the entire eight year Iraq War.  Yet, despite these outrageous numbers it has remained absent from the general curriculum of American history lessons. History Blackout will examine why the Philippine-American War has been purposely hidden and why it remains a dark and shameful stain on America's self-imposed narrative of "freedom" and moral superiority.