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Website Work

Are you looking for help with fixing, upgrading or building a personal or professional website? Fill out my Website Work Request Form and I'll get back to you asap. I mostly work on Wordpress, but I have experience with Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and several other available platforms.


Sometimes simple is best, but it doesn't have to mean boring. An organized and well-thought out design will leave the best impression on site visitors.


Designing your website with mobile devices in mind will ensure visitors see your site the way it was meant to be viewed. Responsive is the only way to go!


I'll work with you to get the exact look and feel that you need to create the perfect online presence!


$ 800
Starting from
BASE: Wordpress theme customized with your colors and images, Installation of WordPress (**requires a hosting package/server), Contact Forms, Event Calendar, Security Plugin, Domain propagation (**if you need a domain name that is an additional charge through domain name host), Page Structure set-up, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Responsive & Web Accessible Design
GOOGLE SET-UP: Google Analytics, Verify Site in Google Search Console (submit sitemap)
SEO: Installation and config of SEO plugin, Site designed with Google’s SEO guidelines
SOCIAL MEDIA: Custom Facebook page, Custom Twitter Page, Custom Instagram Page, Link website to social media pages, Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feeds to website, Newsletter account set-up, SSL certificate set-up if needed (**requires purchase through domain provider)
$100 EMAIL SET-UP: (**Must be included with domain hosting package) Can set-up through Microsoft Outlook and Gmail (**Both may require an additional fee paid to provider) / Online Store through WooCommerce plugin - Includes the following: Product Catalog, Tax Calculations, Shipping, Payment Gateways


$ 700
Starting from
$700: Requires a separately purchased hosting package through Shopify. If you don't already have a domain name, it can also be purchased through Shopify or another provider of your choice. **Hosting package & domain name are additional costs that are NOT part of the site build price.


$ 200
Starting from
$200/2-hours: Wordpress walk-through and training on how to create/edit posts - Change/Update basic assets and make small site changes / Local (Bay Area) Training is done in person or through Skype/Gchat, Remote training is through Skype/Gchat.


$ 300
Starting from
$300: Your website may need regular maintenance - security fixes, patches, and general updates are always being made to themes, plugins and the WP installation itself. (**Does not include domain and hosting management - That is your responsibility.)
$50/hour: Occasional Updates/Maintenance Work


$ 500
Starting from
$500: 2 Graphics
$700: 3 brand graphics, profile and header images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram